What are brakes & How Braking system works in Automobiles

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Good day, guys at this time I’ll let you know how the braking system works in vehicles and the sorts of brakes accessible for vehicles.

What are Brakes?

Brakes are one of the crucial essential parts of a car. If you happen to discuss efficiency it contains good brakes additionally, as a result of should you go quick you want the identical quantity of stopping energy to cut back that velocity.

It’s a mechanical system that absorbs vitality from a shifting system. It’s used to gradual or cease a shifting car, which is usually completed by the use of friction.

In trendy vehicles, we have now ABS (Anti-lock braking system), which prevents you from locking your wheels and shedding management of the steering. How does the ABS braking system works? In a small period of time, ABS will launch its brakes a number of occasions in lots of repetitions. Since this braking system makes use of computer-aided software program to regulate the pumping, the motive force has to use strain on the brake pedal repeatedly in order that the ABS comes into motion and brings again the car in a managed steering state in circumstances the place it would skid.

How Braking system works?


There are two sorts of brakes Disc Brakes and Drums Brakes. Disc brakes are mounted on the entrance wheels and Drum brakes are mounted on the rear wheels. Some trendy high-end vehicles have a Disc brake on all 4 wheels.

These are the parts used within the brake system:

Brake Pedal:

It’s positioned within the centre of the accelrator and clutch pedal in guide transmission autos, and in computerized transmission, the pedal on the left is the brake pedal. The brake system is activated solely after urgent this pedal.

how braking system works

Fluid Reservoir

It’s the brake fluid or brake oil that’s used on the braking system.

how braking system works

Fluid Traces

These are pipes by way of which the brake fluid flows within the car.

Brake Pads

Metal backing plates are utilized in disk brakes. It’s normally made from ceramic, steel or different hard-wearing composite supplies.

how braking system works

Brake Sneakers

2 items of sheet metal welded collectively that carry the brake lining.

how braking system works

Brake Drum

It’s the rotating drum-shaped element utilized in drum brakes.


Brake Rotor/Disc

It’s a cast-iron brake disc related to the wheel and/or axle, generally made from strengthened carbon, ceramic matrix or different composites.


Brake Lining

It’s a heat-resistant, delicate however powerful materials with a excessive friction attribute housed inside a brake shoe.

types of brakes

Brake Piston

It’s a shifting element contained by a cylinder. There might be 1,2,4,6,8 piston, however usually you can see 4 or 6-piston callipers in trendy vehicles

types of brakes

Brake Calliper

A tool on which brake pads and pistons are mounted

Floating Calipers/Sliding Caliper:  It strikes relative to the rotor; and makes use of a piston on a single facet of the disc to push the interior brake pad into the braking floor earlier than pulling the calliper physique in to use strain on the alternative facet of the disc.

Mounted Calipers: It doesn’t transfer relative to the rotor and is delicate to imperfections; makes use of a number of single pairs of opposing pistons to clamp from both sides of the rotor.

types of brakes

Grasp Cylinder

A tool that converts the non-hydraulic strain out of your foot into hydraulic strain and controls slave cylinders on the reverse finish of the hydraulic system.

types of brakes

Vacuum Booster

A element used to boost the grasp cylinder and increase strain from a driver’s foot by way of the usage of a vacuum within the engine consumption; is barely efficient whereas the car’s engine is working.

When the motive force presses the brake pedal there’s a drive generated which is boosted by the Vacuum from the engine. This boosting impact causes the brakes to reply extra rapidly.

This drive from the vacuum booster pushes the piston contained in the grasp cylinder in opposition to the spring drive inflicting the brake fluid to move below strain. This pressurized fluid reaches the brake calliper (Disc Brakes) and brake cylinder (Drum Brakes) by way of fluid strains.

types of brakes

There are 2 sorts of brakes

Disc Brakes

What are brakes

The pressurized fluid enters the brake calliper forcing the brake pads to maneuver inwards in opposition to the revolving disc (which is related to the entrance wheels). When the brake pads are available contact with the disc, friction is generated which reduces the velocity of the disc which in flip reduces the velocity of the car and ultimately stopping your car.

Drum Brakes

how braking system works

The pressurized fluid now enters the brake cylinder contained in the Drum brakes. There’s a piston inside these cylinders, these pistons transfer outwards due to the brake-pressurized fluid contained in the cylinder. This outward motion of the piston causes the brake sneakers to maneuver in the direction of the rotating drum. When these brake sneakers rub in opposition to the drum, friction is generated changing the kinetic vitality into warmth vitality and thereby stopping your car.

Courtesy: Automotive Fundamentals

Kinds of Brakes system

Electromagnetic Brake System

Electromagnetic brakes have gotten well-liked these days. It makes use of an electrical motor that’s included within the car which helps the car come to a cease. It’s principally present in hybrid and electrical vehicles and makes use of an electrical motor to cost the batteries and regenerative brakes.

Frictional Brake System

It’s the conventional braking system and is often present in most vehicles. They’re service brakes, and usually present in two types; Pads(Disc) and Sneakers(Drums). Because the identify implies, these brakes use friction to cease the auto from shifting. The pads are positioned on high of the disc which is rotating with the entrance wheel, and the sneakers are positioned contained in the drum which is rotating with the rear wheel. The pads will shut in on the disc and cease the car and the sneakers will increase and rub with the drum to cease the car.

Hydraulic Brake System

A hydraulic brake system consists of a grasp cylinder that’s fed by a reservoir of hydraulic braking fluid. That is related by an assortment of steel pipes and rubber fittings that are hooked up to the cylinders of the wheels.  The wheels comprise two reverse pistons that are positioned on the band or drum brakes which strain to push the pistons aside forcing the brake pads into the cylinders, thus inflicting the wheel to cease shifting.

Hopefully, you now perceive what are brakes and their sorts and the way the braking system works. You probably have any questions please let me know within the feedback.

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