How V8 engine works

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Hey, Guys at this time I’ll clarify what’s V8 engine and the way it works. V8 engine will get its identify from having a cylinder block within the form of a “V”. With four-cylinder on one aspect and 4 on one other. All 8 pistons experience on the identical crankshaft. The piston is organized reverse to one another like 1 and a pair of are reverse to one another.


The setup is a 90° structure as a result of, for each 90° rotation of the crankshaft, a cylinder might be fired. The firing order might be 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2. V8 is simply set 4 of those 2 cylinder gadgets matched collectively.


V8 works equally to a traditional inline 4-cylinder engine. The V8 engine additionally has 4 strokes Consumption, Compression, Energy and exhaust, i.e. 4 strokes per cylinder means 32 strokes in whole. In an inline 4-cylinder engine just one cylinder fires in a single crankshaft rotation, however in V8 there’s a cylinder firing at each 90° rotation which implies 2 cylinder hearth in a single crankshaft rotation. This implies extra clean energy supply in comparison with inline 4.

To know the way petrol or diesel engine works click on right here, and to know the way valves work click on right here. The distinction between an inline engine and a V engine is it is advisable to steadiness the engine and preserve a centre of gravity. We steadiness the engine by including weight to the crankshaft. There may be 2 piston in each crankshaft bearing.

When one piston reaches the highest the counterbalance is instantly reverse to it and balances the drive, and because it rotates one other 90° it balances the opposite piston related to it. With one other 90° rotation the primary piston has reached the underside and the counterweight balances the downward drive with an upward drive, it’s repeated for the second piston. The weights steadiness the rocking motion from the motion of the pistons.

Sorts of Crankshaft

1 Cross-Airplane Crankshaft


On a cross-plane crank, the connection level on the crankshaft is offset 90°, which implies every piston operates on 2 planes. The firing order is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8

2 Flat-Airplane Crankshaft

Flatplane inline 4 cylinder engine

On a flat-plane crank, the connection level on the crankshaft is offset 180°, which implies every piston operates on a single airplane. The firing order is 1-8-2-7-4-5-3-6


  • They produce extra energy
  • Compact for a big engine with an enormous displacement
  • Little or no vibration
  • The upper centre of gravity in comparison with some engines


  • They’re advanced as a result of they want two separate cylinder heads in comparison with an inline engine which requires just one
  • Heavier than smaller model engine

V8 are extensively used engines in efficiency automobiles, they’re extra dependable when in comparison with inline engines which take up extra space for this variety of cylinders. I’m going to quickly write about all engine varieties at the moment used.

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